hcrypt project

Secret program execution through homomorphic encryption.


libScarab is an implementation of a homomorphic encryption scheme. Using libScarab it is possible to execute operations on encrypted values.

The library is written in C and available under a MIT license.

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The hcrypt virtual machine: this way.

shapeCPU is a simulated machine which is capable of executing arbitrary programs in a secure fashion using libScarab to protect both data and program code using homomorphic cryptography.

Thus even the entity in control of shapeCPU can not gain any information about the data or the program running on shape.

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Secure Function Evaluation

The classic approach of secure function evaluation (SFE) also deals with encrypted programs but is often based on Yao’s Garbled Circuits. The concept of garbled circuits is an alternative to homomorphically encrypted function representations and is currently considered the most effective way to hide program functionality.

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The Workshop on Applied Homomorphic Cryptography was held in association with Financial Crypto & Data Security 2013 in Japan.

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